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 Trying New Challenges

I've never, but have always wanted to...

Can someone my age, with my problems still be able to...

What's the smart way to get started...


Many of us go through life wondering if it's too late to try a new activity or to fulfill a specific dream.    The usual answer these questions is, you don't know unless you try. One of my favourite ways to work with people is to help them learn a new skill or to train them to reach a specific goal. You will be able to do more in life with proper support and motivation.  Please feel free to call me so we can forge new paths in your life.  

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.  I've taught clients with no biking experience to become able riders.  If you do ride, but it's been a while, I can show you how to get back in the saddle without hurting yourself.  Or if balance or other health issues are present, you may be wondering if a recumbent or other type is right for you.  Or maybe you're an able rider, but want to know how to go about commuting by bike to work. Or maybe you're a serious cyclist who wants help training for a ride between cities or states.  Whatever your background I am always happy to talk bikes, and I would love to help you ride. 


A walk in lovely woods is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.  Whatever your background, whatever your fitness level, hiking is something we can work on to make your time on the trail easier and more fun.  I have worked with clients who have never hiked before as well as clients who are planning dream vacations of hiking throughout the world. The greater DC area is close to a lot of natural beauty, I would love to help you spend more time in the woods. 


Swimming is another important part of my own fitness regimen.  I really enjoy teaching people to swim and would would love to help you get your feet wet.


Running is an efficient way for many people to get their exercise. It's also a frustration to many who find it hard to develop it into a regular habit.  I have guided several people through their first 5k, marathon, or zombie run.  It's an easier habit to develop with help.  

Everything Else

If you're thinking of an activity not listed, please ask.  There are hundreds of sports and activities, and while I'm certainly not capable of teaching them all, I would be happy to help you find someone who can help you.

Contact me at:

202-258-0788 or 

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