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Cooking healthy food.  

One of the cornerstones of how we build our health is what we use for building blocks.  This is a challenge, as it is easy to buy convenient, fastest food that is often tasty but unhealthy.  I am not a gourmet chef, but I have been a short order cook and I keep up to date with current dietary research.  I also enjoy cooking (and eating) a varied diet of healthy meals from various countries.  If you are hesitant on how to get started, I happy to help.  We can spend part of a regular exercise session discussing the basics.  For people who haven't cooked for themselves, or those who are great cooks but feel they cook in a less than healthy manor, I also offer separate healthy cooking lessons.  I do two hour lessons for $200 for one to two people, or $300 for three to four.  Different meals often center on different regions, I'm happy to do Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian or Middle Eastern.  I provide all food.  I can do vegetarian meals if that is a preference. 

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