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Why Use a Health and Fitness Coach?


The benefits of regular exercise are well known, including:

  • Weight loss

  • Higher energy levels

  • A toned physique

  • Improved mood


Despite this, three out of four Americans don't get enough exercise. They keep finding excuses and putting it off.

If you find yourself in this group of "reluctant exercisers," a fitness coach can be a great solution.









A good fitness coach will be a motivator and a catalyst:

We inspire you to get started and then maintain a healthy level of exercise in your life.

A good fitness coach will focus on your unique goals and interests:
We will design an innovative or progressive program to help you reach your goals and address your health concerns.

As your coach, I continually reassess and fine-tune your program:
I try to maximize the "fun" quotient, while working on your fitness objectives.

I draw on a wealth of professional resources to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your workout.


Whether you are a beginning or just a reluctant exerciser,
a combined coach, mentor, and supporter could be just what you need!

E-mail me at:

Tel: 202-258-0788

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