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Exercise for Seniors

While I enjoy working with people in all stages of life, I especially enjoy working with seniors.  I've helped many older folk become regular exercisers.  If you're older and not exercising, you're not alone.  Less than a third of those between 65 and 74 are physically active.  Getting started with exercise can seem daunting, but working with an experienced trainer can make it more fun, safer and more effective.  I am aware of the challenges that older people have and will work with you to provide support and motivation in a comfortable environment.  I'm officially certified as a Senior Fitness Specialist by the American Council on Exercise.  If you are an older athlete with your eyes on the Senior Olympics, I'd be thrilled to help you get there.

Concerns about exercise and age

Personal training for seniors
Getting started with exercise for older people

"It's too late for me, I've never exercised in my life"

Studies have shown that people in nursing homes in their nineties benefit from starting exercise. Even if you've never been active, starting now will improve your health. 


"I hurt, or am worried that I will."

It's not easy to get started when you hurt.  For some people, exercise programs will start with sitting or lying on the mat and figuring out how we can move in a way that doesn't hurt. And yes, I'll help you get up from the mat. I have enough experience for us to be careful and smart in how we will get you to move.

All of my clients begin with an assessment to gauge their level of fitness.  We will not begin until I have a good sense of what your limitations, strengths and concerns are.  I will be monitoring you throughout your training to make sure that you are making gains and not hurting yourself.  

Inactivity is usually associated with more pain.  If you're in pain from arthritis, the idea of exercising may seem too much. While it's counter-intuitive, studies show that overall, exercising helps with arthritis pain. The Arthritis Foundation and medical experts agree that safe exercise is a key component for reducing arthritic pain.


Not all pain is arthritis.  If you have other medical conditions, we'll discuss how to work around them to minimize your pain and help you achieve the health benefits of exercise.

"My balance is not good, and I'm afraid I'll fall"

There are specific exercises we can work on that will help with your balance.

It is a common problem, but we can work on making it less of a problem for you.

If you're concerned that you can't get out of your house with out falling, I will come to you. There are many exercises that can be done sitting or lying down, and we can work on getting you more stable and more strong in a comfortable safe manner.

"I'm so out out of shape I can barely move"

Barely moving is still moving. Many of my success stories started with barely moving.  Waiting until you can't move at all won't make it easier.  If we can get started and stay with it, we can make you more comfortable.  


"I'm actually in great shape, and love to do it on my own.  I could just use some advice to make sure I'm doing the right things"

That's great. I work with athletes of all ages. I am very happy to assess and tweak your current exercise regime, suggest cross training that can help increase your strength, balance or flexibility so that you can continue to be successful. I work with clients with whatever frequency is going to be helpful.  If you just need an occasional check-in to make sure you're on the right path, I'm happy to provide that.

If your concern is not addressed, I'm happy to talk with you about it.

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