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What Types of Activities could you do in a Fitness Program?



Typical sessions with clients include a combination of stretching, weight training, balance work and activities to enhance cardiovascular endurance.

As your coach
, I will work with you to design a fitness program that suits your needs, goals, interests, and available time. Hopefully we'll have some fun too!

Depending on your goals and interests, your program could include activities that:



Help rehabilitate an injury

If you are recovering from an illness or an injury, I am happy to work with you and your care provider to ensure an optimal recovery.


Increase your strength

Typical examples of activities to increase strength include: working with free weights, working with machines, and using tubing or body weight resistance.


Build your cardio endurance


While typical activities with clients to build cardiovascular endurance are walking, running, biking, and swimming, we have also spent sessions playing energetic (and unskilled!) tennis and basketball, and iceskating. 


Encourage loss of body fat


Reducing body fat is of paramount importance to many clients. Increasingly, studies show that exercise alone is the most effective way to shed fat. If this is your goal, we will work together to increase your daily energy expenditures through cardio and strength training. My primary focus is always to have clients as fit and healthy as possible, regardless of current size.


















Improve your flexibility and balance


Every session, no matter what the focus, involves a period of gentle stretching and calisthenics to improve your joints' range of motion and improve your balance.


Develop your own independence in exercise


I can also give you advice on equipment, and provide you with information for setting up a gym in your own home. With a small area and some simple low-tech equipment, you can have everything you need for a total body workout. (You'll still need to supply the motivation of course!)


Try something new

If you have a yen to try a new fitness activity, I am always open to ideas.  It can be intimidating to start new things alone, it's much easier if you have a coach who is devoted to your safety and exercise goals by your side.



Whether we meet for a single session to fine-tune your training, or for a series of sessions to establish your program, I will do my best to design a safe, effective and time-efficient program for you.

I promise we'll find something that's fun for you. My goal is to help you incorporate fitness into your life, and enjoy it!

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