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Exercise and Health Problems

Disability, injury, illness and chronic pain


I often work with people who are dealing with a range of  limitations: depression, arthritis, diabetes, joint replacement, recovering from cancer or other invasive treatments. A myriad of health problems  show improvement with exercise.  This is often easy for doctors to say, but hard for people to do by themselves.  Physical limitations can require creativity and care, but there's almost always a way for you to have a fun, invigorating workout.  I'm always happy to work closely with your doctor, PT or chiropractor to ensure the safety and efficacy of your workouts.

Returning to Exercise after an illness or injury

Sickness or injury can disrupt many aspects of our lives, and exercise is often one of the last activities people get back to. If you feel like you could use some guidance in getting you back to where you were, I can help. Returning to activities is faster and easier when you have someone monitoring and encouraging you along the way. I will help you stay on task, but also keep you from overdoing it. We can also add new exercises to your fitness routine that will help with your strength, stability and flexibility, so you are less likely to have new medical adventures along the way. We'll find a way to ease you back to peak fitness.

Exercising with Chronic Pain

While many people associate fitness trainers with pain, I'm not that sort of trainer. My goal is to find exercises that give you maximum benefit with the least amount of pain and discomfort.  People with chronic pain have a vast range of limitations and I will work to understand where you are, so that we can assess how to work together in a safe and helpful manner. Some of my patients with chronic pain are the walking/running wounded who benefit from high intensity activity, others have limitations that require us to take things a little slower. For some a workout session is gentle stretching on the mat and an invigorating walk. I'd be happy to discuss how I could help  you.

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